How To Make Your Business Successful

Is video an important part of your digital media strategy?

Videos are gaining popularity among consumers by the day. A report by Cisco predicted that video users are expected to reach 1.5 million by 2015. And a recent study by Adobe reveals a rise in the number of online video viewers. The study also stated that video consumption among consumers has increased to 43% in Q2 as compared to Q2 of last year. Also, 38.2 billion free videos were watched online during Q2.

Further, stats also revealed that TV video consumption has also seen an astounding rise of 388% in viewership of free video and subscription based video category. These trends broadly highlight that how with passing time online videos will become a significant part of our lives in times to come. Posting videos by brands has also started stabilizing the digital marketing industry, since TV ad spends are important expenditures.

The growing popularity of audio visual content is shaping the digital world in an interesting way. We bring to you 4 rising video trends that will positively impact the digital world, and if incorporated in your digital strategy will prove healthy for your brand too:


SEO in video will be a rising phenomenon: Owing to increased accessibility of videos, video marketing shall see an extraordinary growth in 2015. Producing videos and embedding them with keywords for SEO purposes will be a common practice. SEO of videos will be done more often to increase SEO rankings of websites. Hence, videos will become a vital part of your online presence because of their affordability and viral factor.
Social media will become a video centric medium: With the growth in the number of impressive audio visual resources, producing and promoting video content will become easy and economical in times to come. Social media will witness a vast change in content shared, wherein videos will be given more emphasis since they convey message in a much more effective way. Instagram’s 15 second video posts, Vine’s 6 second video, Twitter’s 30 second video option and Facebook’s video content are all mediums to attract and woo your audiences on social media.
Videos are mobile-friendly: Since smartphones are becoming popular, and people are using it to connect with the world using social media, video-friendly mobile technology will be the next big thing in the digital industry. This will give you an opportunity to connect with your consumers in a personal, engaging and entertaining way.
Videos will reach a diverse audience base: There is a huge diversity in the video-viewing audiences. Studies have shown that the unique monthly consumers of videos have more than doubled in recent years. A steady rise of 146% yearly in video viewing is enough to prove that videos are not just attracting the youth but also the general population from various backgrounds at large. This comes up as an opportunity for marketers who want to reach diverse audiences at the click of a button.
With these rising trends, prudent brand managers will be looking forward to expand their budgets in video marketing in the years to come to get maximum benefits and ROI from the digital world. And if you are one of them and are thinking of how to go about it, we suggest you hire a good communication agency with good experience in planning and executing digital media strategy, with expertise in creating superb video content.


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