Social Media Marketing Management

A buzz word in the digital domain for a number of years now, social media marketing has really become a proven commodity. From big brands like Oreo (The Daily Dunks campaign) and Starbucks (their utilization of Instagram), to start-ups like Zomato, social media has shown how unique content and thorough planning can build a loyal fan base for a brand, ultimately deriving a good rate of ROI. As any digital marketing agency will tell you,

As any digital marketing agency will tell you, social media marketing is open to all, as there are lesser number of restrictions and deterrents in terms of the resources needed to execute a social campaign.

That being said, it becomes obvious that maintaining a presence on social media is highly important for a brand. Especially for smaller businesses like food joints and local service providers, social media can be a determinant of their standing in the community and marketplace. These businesses can benefit from social media a lot, as they can closely interact with their customers, take feedback and suggestions, answer any queries, and build a community of their consumers.

Here are 3 reasons why social media is perfect for small businesses: 

Cost Effective – A large chunk of social media can be utilized without any cost. Unless you are going for paid platforms like Facebook Ads, you can build a good following through a smart social plan and efficient execution. You can even analyse the effectiveness of your campaign through smart analytics provided by social platforms for free.

Varied Platforms – The sheer number of social media platforms out now can be staggering for a small business. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, to Quora and Yelp, the possibilities are endless. They provide multitude of content publishing options and can be capitalized in a number of ways. The key is to identify which platform and content strategy would work in which specific scenario. Oh, and it is also extremely convenient in terms of updating your content on the go.

Targeting – A more sales oriented benefit of social media is the ability of targeting. There is no need to waste your valuable marketing budget in trying to communicate with people who are not likely to engage with you. Whether this is due to geographical distance or a difference in taste/habit, social media provides the ability to segment your audience and target your communication towards them. Facebook ads are a primary example of this and businesses today gain a lot by its targeted ads feature.


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