E-commerce- now showing across multi-screens

The drastic drop in the prices of smartphones has been an essential factor in India’s high number of mobile penetration. Therefore, consumers are now looking forward to crisp and clear digital-lead content, which is easily deliverable through apps. This increasing number of smartphone usage has put a great amount of pressure on companies that were not too keen about mobile app development.

Data suggests that 87% of internet users are now mobile internet users. This is a whopping 12% more than last year. Multi-screen promotions on mobiles, tablets and iPads have grown by 90 percent since past 5 years. With 21 billion USD of estimated e-commerce sales, 33% of sales are generated through apps. Hence, we are living in an AppBoom era wherein every product- driven company is making sure that they have an app in their promotional arsenal. Hence, every organization is taking mobile app development as a priority.

Hi-Fi Creative Connectivity

At the push of a button, daily needs are getting fulfilled. Giants like Samsung and Apple have considered designing apps for appliance use, dog tracking and controlling electricity usage. The ease of using an app for everything electronic has made manufacturers rethink the methodology of gaming consoles and operation of smart TVs.

Re-targeting Through Apps

Apps have high-level of visual appeal and their clutter-free messaging systems enable maximum recall. A promotion done through a mobile app doesn’t go unnoticed. Highly visible imagery on the notification tab of smartphones ensures that the app is revisited on a regular basis. This makes an app efficient in re-targeting the consumers, faster and better than push notifications, mailers and SMS ads. Therefore, while designing, images are carefully chosen and placed strategically in a mobile app development process.

Purchase Journey and Gaming 

Most apps that are designed are free of cost. This is to ensure a successful download and survival of Apps in a mobile phone. These apps earn revenue from in-app purchases and at least 91 % of mobile users go through a purchase journey in an app. Owing to such a high percentage of app users on smartphones, the e-commerce industry is diverting its entire traffic to app downloads and purchases through an app. It also helps e-retailers target smaller cities. Another motive of mobile app development is to create games that become an addiction. Each time a consumer opens a gaming app, the advertisements work as Google ad-words and pays the app maker.

With so many reasons to popularize an app, there are certain important factors that can help apps grow at an even faster pace. It is very essential for app-makers to remain local in order to understand the demands of the consumers and considerate about their choices while. App consumption of Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities accounts for 73% of urban consumption. Features, advantages, benefits and content of an app needs to be repurposed to suit the user’s needs. An app needs to be updated with key trends and technology that drive the growth of its usage


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