Top 5 Social Media Listening Tools to Aid your Online Reputation Management

In the digital era, you cannot run your business successfully in isolation from the online market. You need to have an online presence and manage it well to win more consumers. Digital media management is an area of real concern for every business today, since anything in this arena may make or mar your reputation. The emergence of social media as an effective marketing platform has made Online Reputation Management (ORM) even more important for any business today.

While, ORM is a critical and crucial task to handle, the good news is that there are various software, apps and online tools making this job easy and more effective. One major part of reputation management is listening. The importance of listening has been emphasized time and again, since it helps you know what’s being talked about you, how you can use it in your favour and also helps you plan how you can influence consumers to speak in your favour. This is why we bring you a list of top 5 listening tools to aid your Online Reputation Management.

1. Radian6: This a great tool to manage reputation in the social media space, which also helps in driving more engagement across platforms. Radian6 is a fantastic tool for well-known brands that have hefty numbers of media conversations rolling around them in the country or the world. The tool helps in measuring market sentiments for the brand with many interesting features to help you in interesting ways. Radian6 is a paid tool, however, it offers free trials to its users. It has features like Excel Add-in, engagement console, its sales force chatter report, real time dashboard, and online social conversation manager.

2. Sysomos: This tool gives you instant and unlimited access to track all social media conversations using Heartbeat – an integrated interface. While this tool does not provide in-depth market research and information, its user-defined dashboard gives the marketers easy access to information relevant to them. Besides, offering real time social media listening on a daily basis, this tool also enables you to gain insights on the level of activity surrounding your brand and the sentiments these activities are generating. The tool also gives you the liberty to compare your brand’s activity with competitors. You can also use this tool to identify key influencers, geographic location and demographics of audiences talking about your brand.

3. Social Radar: This is an interesting monitoring tool that allows you to access data in a visual format. You’ll be able to track how the information is flowing between the influencers, keep an eye on key conversations and tonality. Not just this, Social Radar shows historical data from way back in 2006, which enables you to see how your reputation has changed over a period of time. The crawlers in the tool search the web for all the conversations around your brand on social media channels, blogs and forums and filter all the irrelevant data like spam and sales material to help you have a clear comparison in reputation management over the past 7 years. All this at no extra cost. This tool is a great investment if you want to monitor where you stand in comparison to your competitors.

4. BrandsEye: This is a slightly unique social media listening tool that enables you to look at all your brand mentions, reputation of their source and sentiment. It even flags the mentions that need your immediate attention. What else could a brand want? BrandsEye also highlights the performance and ROI of your social media campaigns. It is a more economical tool as compared to other paid listening tools. BrandsEye uses Crowd, a crowdsourcing platform consisting of real people who evaluate and contextualise online mentions, which makes it the first crowd-sourced social media listening tool.

5. Brandwatch: This social media monitoring tool helps you keep an eye on the number of social media mentions about your brand across the internet, as well as the source and the reach of your activity. Brandwatch gathers this data from 70 million+ sources that include, social media websites, news websites, forums and blogs. Popular as a Twitter Certified Product, Brandwatch gives real time Twitter coverage. It is also a great tool if you want to monitor your brand internationally, since it identifies and delivers conversations in more than 27 languages. The tool provides comprehensive results that exclude spam, duplication, and sales material. The data provided by the tool analyses and includes the date and time of the conversation uploaded with location and sentiment analysis.

Social media listening tools are a great way to monitor your reputation via social media. However, the results also depend on the person using it. As a social media strategist, you need to consistently use these tools to track your progress and plan your way ahead. We suggest you choose a tool on the basis of your requirements and budget to gain the maximum benefits out of your social media strategy.


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